There have been many hair loss solutions put forward to cure male hair loss and female hair loss over the centuries, from Snake and Emu Oil, aloe vera shampoo, the inversion remedy, laser hair stimulation, herbal hair loss shampoos and even rubbing on curry paste.

Some of them possibly may help, but none of them are the breakthrough they claim. However, the best hair loss clinics all agree, that there are hair loss products and hair loss treatments, which are clinically proven to regain or maintain thinning hair or at least, make the hair quality look and feel better.

Natural Look Clinic can provide information about the causes and the treatment of your hair loss

Although hair transplants are the most popular surgical method, with 90% of our customers using hair transplant techniques there are a number of different types of hair loss surgery methods available. The alternative hair loss surgeries to hair transplantation are discussed in more detail below.

It is important to understand though, that all hair loss surgery uses the fact that normally, men do not lose their hair from the donor area and this hair can be transplanted.

The donor area is usually the horse shoe shaped area of hair, at the back of the head and above the ears, that persists even in advanced MPB (see Norwood 7 on the Norwood scale of male pattern hair loss).

The size of this area varies from person to person and cannot be accurately predicted in each patient, so we tend to assume everyone will eventually become Norwood 7, although this isn’t true for everyone.

The margins of the donor area include hair in front of the ears, the lower part of the crown and also the nape of the neck. All of these areas can start receding, although most people only think of the hair on the top of the head thins.
Body hair can be transplanted but is not as successful as scalp hair and should be seen as the last resort.

Hair Transplant Treatments

Feel free to request an online consultation with one of our Dr’s at any time to find out which surgery method will be the best option for you.

Hairloss surgery techniques

Hair Loss Surgery is the only treatment available that will reliably and consistently replace hair in bald areas. Over the years, many different types of hairloss surgery have been tried and we will detail the different surgical hair loss treatments below. Essentially though, all hair surgery techniques are redistributing the hair on the head, not creating new hair.

Hair Transplantation Surgery

As discussed above, the main type of hairloss surgery is hair transplantation. To find out more about Hair Transplant surgery procedures and the methods involved.

Frechet Scalp Reduction

Scalp reduction is only performed on the crown area of the scalp, or ‘the monk’s bald spot’. In this hair loss surgical procedure, the bald skin on the crown is removed and the hairy sides of the scalp above the ears are drawn together. Normally, the bald scalp requires 1 – 2 sessions to remove it (utilising a Frechet extender under the skin, which pulls the skin together so that the central scar does not widen). The third and final procedure is a very clever three way transpositional flap, which relocates the final scar and hair direction into the classic crown swirl. Although not so often used now, it can be a very effective form of hair loss surgery, giving great results within three months. However, it is very dependent on good patient characteristics and the skill of the surgeon, such as Dr Frechet himself.

Balloon Expander Hair Loss Surgery

This technique implants an expandable balloon of saline under the scalp which is slowly filled in size over a number of months. This gradually stretches the hairy skin enabling the surgeon to cover a large gap of missing hairy scalp (typically a burn) in one operation. If the skin wasn’t prestretched, it would contract back and the scar reform. The surgical hair loss methods above are probably the most well known and relevant techniques used and there are many variations of them.


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