Breast implants come in various shapes and sizes with the higher profile being thicker and narrower, whilst the lower profile is thinner and wider. They can also be round or tear drop shaped. Your implant can be inserted under the muscle in your chest or under the breast tissue (over the muscle). Careful scientific consideration of all these facts is taken to choose the best implant for you, giving you the perfect natural shape.

We listen to your expectations and take your three-dimensional chest measurements. Accordingly we suggest the most suitable implant size and shape from our wide range of high quality implants, which fulfils your wishes and which we think will give you the best natural result. The procedure is explained to you, including the incision and position of the implant in relation to the muscle and breast tissue.

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Augmentation and uplift

  • Breast Reduction

  • Breast uplift

  • Breast Implant Check-up’s

  • Breast Reconstruction

  • Nipple Correction

  • Male Breast Correction (Gynaecomastia)


There are many types of breast reduction and uplift procedures with different scar shapes depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed and/or how much the breast will need to be lifted. They may be doughnut shaped (all the way around the nipple), lollipop (around the nipple with a line extending downwards), or anchor shaped (an inverted T shape).

After taking your three-dimensional chest measurements, we explain to you the most appropriate procedure to give you the size and shape of breast you desire. In addition to giving you a natural looking figure, we aim to relieve your symptoms of back ache, shoulder and neck pain.

Following surgery, we provide fully comprehensive post-operative care and follow up until full recovery is ensured.

We can also can explain newly developing techniques to minimize scarring


Breast enhancement with lipo filling/fat transfer is performed via removing fat taken from other parts of the body like the tummy or flanks. It is used for cosmetic enhancement of breast size and shape to achieve a natural cup size. This procedure can be used as an alternative to breast implants.


Inverted nipples are corrected using a small incision aiming to give the nipples a better shape and projection. It is a short procedure that can be done under Local Anaesthesia.


Although your breast implants are recognised to be extremely safe, it is always best practice to have them regularly checked by your surgeon to ensure there are no unexpected complications or problems. Mr Kazzazi recommends and uses the global market-leading brand breast implants and assures all of his patients that the risk of complication is minimal but still encourages his patients to have an regular breast implant check up, with the help of ultrasound scanning and MRI if required, in accredited facilities.

Mr Kazzazi is also happy to consult patients for augmentation.

The ongoing high-profile scandal of substandard breast implants has left many patients with no-where to go for reassurance following the closure of many of the original clinics. As a result, Mr Kazzazi has created his Breast Implant Check-up Service to give all breast implant patients the reassurance and peace of mind they deserve.


Mr Kazzazi specialises in the treatment and care of patients who have any type of breast concern and offers urgent appointments with same-day breast imaging for the worried patient. He sees both GP referrals as well as self-referrals.

The Natural LooK Clinic Breast Advisory Service incorporates regular Breast check-ups, including Mammograms and Ultrasound Scans arranged and performed in accredited facilities.

All types of surgical treatment are available for benign breast conditions.


Our clinic is located on Thorne Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire we have private parking directly outside for your convenience. To arrange a consultation with Mr Kazzazi, Consultant Surgeon.
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Dr Kazzazi –  just a little note to let you know how happy you have made me. I have dreamt of this day for many years and you have now made my dream come true. You truly are a lovely lovely and very talented man. Thank you so much for making me so happy. You have honestly made me a very happy lady, thank you.

Mr Kazzazi – you truly have changed my life. Words can’t thank you enough.
To Mr Kazzazi and all your team – I would just like to say thank you very much for all the great care I had when I came for my operation. Each and every one of your nursing team were so kind, caring and considerate.  I felt like a queen when I was there. I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone, it’s a wonderful place with wonderful staff.
To Dr Kazzazi ant the team at Natural Look Clinic – thank you so much for the care I received. I can’t thank you enough. The whole thing went so well.
Thank you all so much for making me feel at ease and comfortable throughout my procedure. You’ve all been amazing and so kind. I’m very happy.
To Mr Kazzazi, Julie and the NLC team, thank you so much for my new ‘boobs’ and for looking after me so well.
To the staff at Natural Look Clinic – I would just to say a massive thank you for making me feel so comfortable and safe. I am so happy with the result so far and couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Dear Mr Kazzazi and staff. I want to say a huge thank you to you all for looking after me. I was very nervous but you were all so lovely, helpful and put me at ease. I was very drowsy when I woke up and still was hours later when it was time to say bye, I wanted to thank you as I felt I didn’t say it as I was too drowsy. A week on and already I am amazed by what an amazing job Mr Kazzazi and you all have done. It is a life changing thing and I am so impressed by the results. Thank you all so much.
Dear Rowena and Dr K – I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me.
To everyone at Natural Look Clinic – Thank you for being so lovely and an amazing part of my happiness!
To Mr Kazzazi and everyone at Natural Look Clinic – Thank you for looking after me during my procedure.  My results are amazing and I couldn’t be happier!

Mr Kazzazi has given me everything I asked for and he is an absolute genius! I am so grateful and couldn’t thank you all enough.

To Mr Kazzazi and his team – Thank you for making my surgery day the easiest/best it could be!  I couldn’t of wished for a better surgeon and clinic.  You’re all wonderful.  I love my ‘boobs’
To everyone at Natural Look Clinic – Thank you for being so lovely and an amazing part of my happiness!