Anna Lynch

My breast implant journey

“I began to wear massively padded bras from the age of 16 to help balance my proportions which gave me a boost of confidence”

I come from a family of small breasted women (I’m talking 34A or even 34AA) with generous lower proportions – the classic pear shape. It was always a disappointing experience swimwear shopping or dress shopping as nothing seemed to fit right and I felt quite unfeminine. I began to wear massively padded bras from the age of 16 to help balance my proportions which gave me a boost of confidence, however I sometimes wondered whether people could tell the difference. Equally, it made for an awkward conversation revealing to a new boyfriend that my breasts were not actually as large as they appeared in my clothes. Whilst I had always thought about having a breast enlargement, several factors put me off: complications during or after the surgery; being in pain; a lengthy recovery process; the cost and having to replace the implants in the future. Subsequently, for 10 years I continued to wear my padded bras and carry on with my day to day life until a close family friend underwent breast enlargement surgery (going from a 34A to 34C) and the difference in her self-confidence and body positivity was enormous.

I took to the internet to thoroughly research implant sizes, profiles, shapes, textures, incision sites, implant placement (under or over the muscle) and most importantly, a reputable and experienced plastic surgeon. After weeks of research, I decided that I wanted round mentor silicone implants (due to the natural look/feel, high-quality reputation and lengthy warranty) and desired to increase my A cups to a full C cup. I also wanted the implants placed under the muscle due to my lack of natural breast tissue and an inframammary fold incision. I was still unsure on the profile or texture of the implant so decided to ask these questions at my initial consultation with Mr Kazzazi. I felt confident choosing Mr Kazzazi as my surgeon due to his excellent reputation, years of experience, realistic surgery fees and his professional accreditations/memberships.

At my first consultation in the Natural Look Clinic, I was made to feel very welcome by the lovely ladies on the desk and was given a medical background questionnaire to complete before heading into the consultation room. Once inside, Mr Kazzazi looked through my medical history and asked me about my expectations and desired look. Following this, he took measurements of my breasts and examined the quality of the tissue, before discussing the most appropriate implant size, texture, profile and incision location. After my measurements were taken, Mr Kazzazi ran through the various implant sizes and I was able to try a few on inside my bra to see which look I preferred, which was fun! By the end of the consultation, I was given a printed copy of everything we had discussed plus lots of information about the implants used, the surgical process, the potential risks involved and the recovery process. Mr Kazzazi explained that I needed to contemplate my decision for two weeks then return for a second consultation if I wanted to go through with the enlargement. I liked how there was no pressure to jump into surgery and that I could contact the clinic at any time with any questions I had.

Following my first consultation, I went home and read through all the information thoroughly before booking a second consultation with Mr Kazzazi. Again, the Natural Look Clinic team made me feel very welcome and Mr Kazzazi ensured that I had read through and signed all the necessary paperwork before reviewing my breast implant decision. We both agreed that I would have 325cc high profile textured implants via the infra mammary incisions in the sub muscular pockets. Next, I was given the chance to ask Mr Kazzazi any questions before signing that I was happy to proceed and paying for my surgery. Mr Kazzazi gave me a folder containing information about what to expect on the day plus the aftercare and recovery process and explained that if I have any concerns/questions between now and my surgery date to call/email the clinic.

The highly-anticipated surgery day arrived, and I was a little nervous to say the least! I wore a buttoned shirt and elasticated trousers to make it easier to change into once the surgery was over and brought my own dressing gown and slippers for comfort. I also brought a bottle of water and snacks for once the surgery was over, and my sister had a few magazines in her bag. It was annoying having to fast before the operation and not being able to wear deodorant or moisturiser but that was a small price to pay for new breasts! When I arrived, my sister and I were taken to a nice little private room (with a TV, bed, chair and magazines) and a nurse checked my blood pressure and pulse, gave me some stockings and a gown to put on then explained what would be happening. Following this, the anaesthetist came in and asked me some questions about my health and lifestyle then mentioned that I would have local anaesthetic and sedation which would put me to sleep and ensure I didn’t feel any pain during the surgery. Afterwards, Mr Kazzazi popped in to see how I was doing and drew reference points on my chest before I was taken through to the operating room.

Whilst in the operating room, I remember laying down and chatting with the medical team – everyone was friendly, and the nurse held my hand whilst I had a small needle inserted into my other hand. The next thing I remember was sitting back on my bed in the private room wearing my dressing gown and slippers. I felt a little sore and could feel some pressure on my chest, however it was not as bad as I had imagined, and I was pleased to finally have some breasts! My sister said that I had entered the room in a wheelchair and the nurses had helped me get onto the bed. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I cried when I came back to my room and did not know why I was crying but the nurse reassured me that people often cry until the sedation fully wears off. After a short while, I was given tea and toast (which tasted amazing) plus some medication and relaxed for a while in my room. I had a look at my breasts in the mirror however I couldn’t see too much (except for my areola & nipples) as they were all strapped up…they looked quite shiny and pointy, but the nurse explained this was purely the swelling and that they would go down and become less shiny over the next few days/weeks.

When it was time for me to leave, the nurse helped me pack my belongings and I was given a bag with some medication, hand cream, a chocolate bar and copy of my implant details to take home with me. I was also told that if I have any problems before my first follow-up visit to call the clinic at any time. I walked out to the car with my mum and sister and had to have help opening the car door and putting my seatbelt on then went home and sat on the sofa (propped up with cushions) ready for a movie marathon. Over the next few days, I set alarms on my phone to remember to take my medication and had my mum and sister help me with little things around the house. It was irritating having to sleep on my back and propped up as I am usually a side sleeper, but I knew this was only temporary so worthwhile!

At my first post-operative appointment, the dressings were removed, and I could finally see what my breasts looked like properly for the first time – it was so surreal! My breasts looked nice despite the swelling, however it was still early days, so the swelling and pointy appearance was to be expected. Following this, I had two new dressings applied underneath my breasts and help to fasten my new support bra then returned home. Over the next week, I noticed my discomfort levels subside and my breasts began to appear less swollen and more natural looking.

By the second post-operative appointment, I was feeling much better and so satisfied with the appearance of my breasts! They had dropped to a more natural position and began to feel squishier (although still quite firm). Mr Kazzazi was also pleased with how my recovery was progressing and highlighted that the wounds underneath my breasts were neat and healing well. I had a photo of my breasts taken to compare with my original breasts and then went to meet my friends for dinner (to celebrate)!

At present, I am now one month into my recovery process and loving my new breasts! I have zero pain and can wear a variety of nice clothes again. I still must wear sports bras and cannot do any vigorous exercise for a while longer, but ultimately it is a minor price to pay for a great long-term result! I cannot recommend Mr Kazzazi and the whole Natural Look Clinic team highly enough! My only regret is not getting my breasts done earlier!

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Mr Kazzazi is a Consultant Surgeon with a special interest in breast cosmetic surgery and reconstruction including breast enlargement, breast reduction and uplift.

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